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December 30, 2018

Good morning,

My name is Andrey Lechev, but you can call me Leechy. I’m working as a frontend developer professionally since April 1st, 1999.

I’m good at HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in the browsers. Not bad at some server stuff like Node.js, SQL, PHP, Python and Parser.

Right now I live in Luxembourg and work for Reborn as a Senior Frontend Developer. My full work experience is available on LinkedIn.

A happy father of four kids: two girls and two boys (I think that’s important even from professional perspective because any kid in the family is completely changing your life and four of them are enough to create a parallel reality). You can find a lot of family photos on my Facebook page.

You can contact me freely using any any service available (for Twitter and GitHub look in the footer).

Andrey “Leechy” Lechev

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