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How to change Android's NavigationBar color in Ionic / Cordova?

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Andrey Lechev
·Feb 4, 2019·

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I'm developing a mobile application with Ionic 4 right now. And it's an application with a tab bar at the bottom of the screen. And the tab bar background is not white, but almost black (#212121). And on Android with the Navigation Bar at the very bottom, it looks ugly.

Like this (it's Samsung S8, but the other Androids differ only by button configuration):


So, for a couple of weeks, I was looking for a Cordova plugin to change the Navigation bar color. I knew it was possible because I've seen a bunch of apps that are changing it, even make it translucent and showing content underneath.

At some point, I found a mention of such a plugin (cordova-plugin-bartinter), but it was not available anymore (what can be the reason for removing it?).

And today I finally found what I was looking for: cordova-plugin-navigationbar-color

As you can see, the problem with it is clearly the missing description. Otherwise, it's working great:


How to use it

Install the plugin in your Ionic project:

$ ionic cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-navigationbar-color

Add the desired color in your config.xml:

<plugin name="cordova-plugin-navigationbar-color" spec="0.0.8" /> 
<preference name="NavigationBarBackgroundColor" value="#212121" />

And that's it!

You should know

This plugin is not changing the color of the Navigation Bar during the Splash screen. I didn't find how to change it yet.

One more thing

There's a package for Ionic, that gives you the ability to change the NavBar color from the application, using the same plugin but I haven't tested it yet.

Ionic Plugin: Navigation Bar Color

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